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Since the launch of in October 2003, over 15,000 writers have taken the courses in the Writing Bliss!™ Series. This does not include the 6,500+ writers who have taken Daily Writes: 31 Days of Writing Bliss! and Weekly Writes: 52 Weeks of Writing Bliss! since February 2002.

All courses in the Writing Bliss!™ Series are designed to be fun, creative, motivating, and guaranteed to get writers of all ages and stages writing.

Read what writers think about our courses:

"Your online course [Words, Swallow Me: Imagery in Writing] was just what I needed to shake the cobwebs from my deadline-frazzled brain. I was surprised at the creativity that resulted from the simple exercises. When I began the course, I doubted it would be applicable to my day-to-day responsibilities writing Internet and marketing content. Was I ever wrong! Thank you for forcing me to look at my writing with a less critical - and more creative - eye." - Darcy Silvers, Pennsylvania/USA,

I enjoyed the Daily Writes so much! The prompts were much better than any I've read in magazines. They really got me back in the habit of writing every day. - Heather Allem, USA

Your thirty one days [of] writing bliss was to me 'the simplest heaven' every writer needs to 'sail free'. In fact, my [writing] voice became clearer after listening to yours. - Obinna Nwanedo, Nigeria

I loved the daily writes - Shery you are an inspiration and you sure know how to get the muse to wake up and take notice. I would continue to take daily writes until I can't write anymore. I saved every one to use again and again. - Billie A. Williams, USA

"I thought this course [Words, Swallow Me: Imagery in Writing] was very useful, very helpful. It clarified how to use many of the aspects you presented, and I shall enjoy incorporating them into my writing for a long time to come. It reminded me about how important it is to read poetry, even if one prefers to write prose." - Judi Haller, California/USA

I've never had so much fun writing before. I didn't know I could write creatively until I took Sketches. Thank you! - Ellen McMahon, South Australia

Before I started Daily Writes, I had a constant feeling that my work was just not good enough and then I'd start and stop without finishing anything-let alone get to the middle. But now I'm oozing with confidence and my 3 minute gold mine is making it all [better]. I didn't realise what 3 minutes of just writing could do. - Pearl Rolls, South Africa

I feel very motivated and stimulated right now, thanks to the daily exercises. I have started my writing and ideas seem endless! - Maud Randall, Sweden

I would like to thank you for sending me for 31 days excellent prompts for writing and of course, prompts for understanding better one's self, leading to self-knowledge. - Athena Thanos, Greece

"This [Words, Swallow Me: Imagery in Writing] is a good thing to remind some of us of things we'd already learned but quite forgotten about writing, and also serves to introduce the neophyte into a world of more descriptive and interesting prose. The arranged segments keep you writing in short spurts, easy enough to do on your coffee or lunch breaks or after you send the kids off to school and before you do your chores. Yes, you can even fit it in the commercial breaks between segments on Live with Regis and Kelly in the morning." - Elizabeth Anne Ensley, USA, Writers Library

I tend to feel guilty if I sit down to write just for the fun of writing. It's the easiest thing for me to nurture that nagging little voice in the back of my mind, reminding me that I should be writing in order to earn money and I am wasting time if I just write for the sake of writing. The Daily Writes succeeded in reminding me that writing is and should always be fun. Let your ideas flow and a story is soon to follow. I find that writing has become easier and more flowing... - Louise Schweickerdt, South Africa

I found the Daily Writes very inspiring. I enjoyed being taken within myself. I've been able to use this inspiration for story lines, poetry and even my journal writing. - Cathy Hanlon, USA

My compliments to you for creating a unique exploration into my writing capabilities. I found it [Words, Swallow Me: Imagery in Writing] to be challenging as well as educational but not formed into the boring text book atmosphere. - Laurie Lupold, USA

Daily Writes was great...It was like having an angel on my shoulder whispering that it was okay to write, even if only for a few minutes a day, and that there were many others like myself out there. - DeAnn Nelson, USA

Daily Writes was great. It gave me the time to find inspiration I never thought existed. It also helped me explore the other areas of writing. - Christopher Breen, USA

I've just completed the Daily Writes and it was great! I would like to thank you for opening my eyes again...didn't make me feel all alone; knew that it was ok to falter and I'm picking up where I left off. - Sheila Singam, Malaysia

"It's quite extraordinary that such a useful course should be offered for FREE! After writing three non-fiction books I'm just starting my first fictional book. I've found the Imagery in Writing course has been most valuable in helping me to write in a far more interesting and well-thought-out way." - Susie Kelly, France,

"I very much enjoyed the course [Words, Swallow Me: Imagery in Writing] and felt an improvement in my writing. It made a difference in that it wasn't too heavy and I found it easy to incorporate daily." - Gaye Guerin (UK)

I never thought I could write with such passion while undergoing this workshop. - Yvonne T. Amellabon, Philippines

The course was very concise which was great as it allowed me to keep my mind active by doing a little creating writing each day. I have had tons of ideas from the Daily Writes and I wish to thank you for making it free. - Kelly Hall, USA

"It [Words, Swallow Me: Imagery in Writing] was an excellent course that made things I already knew more concrete and things I needed to know accessible and understandable. As usual you know how to facilitate learning. I enjoyed and learned and am glad I took it." - Billie A. Williams, Wisconsin/USA,

I really enjoyed the [Imagery in Writing] modules. They made me look at my writing from different perspectives. - David Rader, USA

"I gained a lot of information from the series [Words, Swallow Me: Imagery in Writing] and would definitely recommend it to others." - Sandra Perry, Tennessee/USA,

"I enjoyed the course [Words, Swallow Me: Imagery in Writing] very much. It has increased my ability and comfort zone in addressing all the senses in my writing." - Amy Morgan, New York/USA,

I looked forward to each day and receiving my Daily Writes ideas/assignment. I loved it and it has enabled me to once again get back to letting my imagination/thoughts be transfered to paper. - Steph Macomber, USA

Daily Writes was very good. Being given something to write about every day inspired me to write more. As a result I have completed my first short story after a break of about twenty years. - Kate Boothman, USA

Before I signed up for [Daily Writes], I was in a lazy and discouraged mood. But when I started doing it, everything just clicked! I feel like I have rediscovered my writer self again! It was an amazing reunion! - Marjorie Price, England

I was surprised by the quality of Daily Writes exercises. My expectations were low, knowing that they are free, so I was very happy to find them inspiring and extremely helpful. - Joanne Decker, USA

Daily Writes...made me really think about things in my life I could write about. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to write. - Donna Washington, USA

I have found that your daily writes have been extremely helpful in getting my journalling away from a litany of woes and more into creativity. - Sheila Hamilton, Canada

I thought that the Daily Writes was a great workshop. I learned a lot, not just about the drive to write, but about myself as well. The activities were creative and inspirational. - Angelica Edelbbu, USA

I absolutely loved daily writes! When I first started receiving them, I completed them before breakfast; then everybody in my house got sick...I started reading them in the morning, and actually writing them after everyone had gone to bed; Amazing! I felt more creative all day long, and I couldn't wait for everyone to go to sleep - but because I did, I had lots to write... - Carole Cashman, USA

I loved the fact that you kept most of your topics on target and didn't wander off topic. The Daily Writes were short enough to be read in 2 minutes. And easy enough to be completed in about 20 minutes! Perfect for a jam packed schedule such as my own!! Thanks for a course that both inspires and teaches at the same time!! - Rachel, USA

I loved Daily Writes. It held me accoutable for journaling daily and now that habit is ingrained within me. Thanks so much for the daily prompts! - Joey Quinton, USA

The lessons were great. It's so simple yet so perfect. Everything one already knows but [has] never cared to think about is put forward in a simple manner. I particularly liked Colors (15) and Reality (23). - Samta Chowdhary, USA

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