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Imagery in Writing

Words, Swallow Me: Imagery in WritingAbout the course:
Words, Swallow Me consists of 6 modules delivered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 2 weeks. It explores the 3 most commonly used figures of speech and includes activities and exercises on how writers can use them to come up with striking and textured creative pieces.

Modules: 6
Duration: 2 weeks
Delivery: E-mail
Availability: 13 June 2016 (free class); every Monday (value-added)
Registration period: open registration

There is no registration fee in order to take this course, but writers may take the value-added version for $12 and receive the following: a .PDF compilation of all 6 modules, which includes additional activities and exercises; a reference guide listing 100+ figures of speech with examples; and the WriteSparks!™ Imagery Kit software (this software is specifically created for this course and is not sold separately).

If this is your first time to take a course in the WritingBliss!™ Series, take a look at our testimonial page and read what writers are saying about our courses.

Registration for the free version and value-added version of Words, Swallow Me is open. If you sign up for the value-added version, you may begin the course the Monday immediately following your registration.

If you are a US resident, sign up for another value-added course in addition to Words, Swallow Me
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Free Version
All 6 modules

(Begins on Monday, 13 June 2016)

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To take the value-added version of this course, click the PayPal button below. Once your payment is received, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail from us and you'll begin the course this coming Monday.

Imagery in Writing Value-Added Course - $12
(Includes a PDF compilation of all 6 modules, which
contains additional activities and exercises, reference guide
listing 100+ figures of speech and WriteSparks!™
Imagery Kit

If you are a US resident, sign up for another value-added course in addition to Creativity Alley
and complimentary print copies of both value-added courses
will be mailed to you.

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"Your online course was just what I needed to shake the cobwebs from my deadline-frazzled brain. I was surprised at the creativity that resulted from the simple exercises. When I began the course, I doubted it would be applicable to my day-to-day responsibilities writing Internet and marketing content. Was I ever wrong! Thank you for forcing me to look at my writing with a less critical - and more creative - eye." - Darcy Silvers (Pennsylvania, USA),

"I thought this course was very useful, very helpful. It clarified how to use many of the aspects you presented, and I shall enjoy incorporating them into my writing for a long time to come. It reminded me about how important it is to read poetry, even if one prefers to write prose." - Judi Haller (San Francisco, California)

"This is a good thing to remind some of us of things we'd already learned but quite forgotten about writing, and also serves to introduce the neophyte into a world of more descriptive and interesting prose. The arranged segments keep you writing in short spurts, easy enough to do on your coffee or lunch breaks or after you send the kids off to school and before you do your chores. Yes, you can even fit it in the commercial breaks between segments on Live with Regis and Kelly in the morning." - Elizabeth Anne Ensley (USA), Writers Library

"It's quite extraordinary that such a useful course should be offered for FREE! After writing three non-fiction books I'm just starting my first fictional book. I've found the Imagery in Writing course has been most valuable in helping me to write in a far more interesting and well-thought-out way." - Susie Kelly (France),

"I very much enjoyed the course and felt an improvement in my writing. It made a difference in that it wasn't too heavy and I found it easy to incorporate daily." - Gaye Guerin (UK)

"It was an excellent course that made things I already knew more concrete and things I needed to know accessible and understandable. As usual you know how to facilitate learning. I enjoyed and learned and am glad I took it." - Billie A. Williams (Wisconsin, USA),

"I gained a lot of information from the series and would definitely recommend it to others." - Sandra Perry (Memphis, Tennessee),

"I enjoyed the course very much. It has increased my ability and comfort zone in addressing all the senses in my writing." - Amy Morgan (Grand Island, New York),

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