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31 Days of Writing Bliss! E-book

DAILY WRITES: 31 Days of Writing Bliss!DAILY WRITES: 31 Days of Writing Bliss! is an e-book designed to keep any writer writing for 31 straight days!

DAILY WRITES is originally a 31-day e-mail workshop offered by The e-Writer's Place. Now, it's in e-book format too! Aside from the 31 modules, the e-book version of DAILY WRITES contains 31 Daily Creativity Zappers, which are not included in the e-mail workshop version.

Writers who order the e-book version of DAILY WRITES will receive WEEKLY WRITES: 52 Weeks of Writing Bliss! Sampler course (12 modules) the following Monday after their purchase. WEEKLY WRITES is a spinoff of DAILY WRITES. It's a workshop delivered by e-mail every Monday for 12 weeks -- 3 months -- FREE!


Daily Write # 1 EMPOWERMENT: I Am
Daily Write # 2 PROSPECTING: Writer's Gold
Daily Write # 3 REFLECTIONS: The Writer in My Mirror
Daily Write # 4 THANKSGIVING: Counting Your Blessings and Writing about Them
Daily Write # 5 INVITATIONS: What Writing is About
Daily Write # 6 DISCOVERIES: The Wonders of Writing
Daily Write # 7 REFUGE: A Quiet Writing Space
Daily Write # 8 REMINISCING: Laughter and Childhood Fun
Daily Write # 9 TRADITIONS: The Way Things are Done
Daily Write # 10 REMEDIES: Cure for the Writerís Cold
Daily Write # 11 OPPORTUNITIES: Chance for a First Time
Daily Write # 12 SURPRISES: Things that Spice Up Life
Daily Write # 13 PROMPTS: It All Starts with a 'What If?'
Daily Write # 14 DREAMS: When Writers Make Things Possible
Daily Write # 15 COLORS: The Writer's Moods
Daily Write # 16 REFERENCES: How Do People Know You?
Daily Write # 17 CLASSIFIEDS: Writers Wanted
Daily Write # 18 GOSSIP: Spreading Rumors All Around
Daily Write # 19 EPISODES: The Slices Of Life
Daily Write # 20 TRANSFORMATIONS: Making Heroes Out of Villains
Daily Write # 21 REWINDS: Taking Back
Daily Write # 22 ACCEPTANCE: The Power of Believing
Daily Write # 23 REALITY: Itís All About Perception
Daily Write # 24 EXPRESSIONS: Fun With Poetic License
Daily Write # 25 REPORTING: Telling It As It Is
Daily Write # 26 SCENTS: Putting a Smell on Feelings
Daily Write # 27 CLICHES: Give those Beat Up Phrases a New Spin
Daily Write # 28 EXTREMES: Stretching Beyond Limits
Daily Write # 29 ABSENCE: Does It Really Make The Heart Grow Fonder?
Daily Write # 30 GOODBYES: Moving On
Daily Write # 31 ENDINGS: Make Way For New Chapters
31 Daily Creativity Zappers

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